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Welcome to the home of the AFGen or Atrial Fibrillation Consortium. Our collaborative work is directed at trying identity the genetic basis of atrial fibrillation (AF). In a unique global effort we have sought to find genetic variants that are associated with AF using a wide range of genetic analyses. 


What is atrial fibrillation? 

AF or afib is the most common irregularity of the heart rhythm. AF affects over 3 million Americans, 5 million Europeans and 33 million people worldwide. AF is a leading cause of stroke and is associated with an increased risk of heart failure and dementia. Many heart and medical conditions increase the risk of getting AF. Additionally, a family history of AF increases your own risk of getting AF.


Despite how common AF is in the population, our understanding of the mechanisms of this arrhythmia remain limited. Our Cosortium is therefore trying to use genetic approaches to find new causes of AF. Ultimately we hope that our approach will lead to new treatments for this common arrhythmia. 


Our team includes investigators from nearly 30 studies:



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